Self-Care Charts Will Get You Through The Rest Of This Week

1. Step 1 — self diagnosis!

Use this chart to help pinpoint what you’re feeling and what some actionable next steps could be.

2. If it’s work-related, this chart will help you recognize that what you’re feeling is 100% valid.

Maybe your soul-sucking job/boss was staring you right in the face as being the root of all your problems all along!

3. Recontextualize your feelings (however tumultuous they may be) as important growth milestones.


5. Find your “happiness formula” by determining life changes on the micro-level (small, short, doable habits or routines) and on the macro-level (more long-term life choices you can tangibly goal yourself on).

This advice is from Jenny Blake, the author of Pivot.

6. Reclaim your mornings for yourself.

7. The STOP method is super easy to remember whenever a negative mood strikes.

8. Here are just 30 things you should start doing for yourself.

9. Use this 9-item daily countdown to get back to basics.

Drink water, don’t use your phone before bed, exercise, and get a full night’s sleep — always effective, always easier said than done.

10. Feeling overwhelmed? Pare it down with this 30-day minimalism challenge.

11. Instead of a summer bucket list, try this summer self-care challenge.

I will gladly partake in each and every one of these things.

12. Here are some ways to either 1) cope with any upcoming alone time or 2) build it into a hectic schedule.

13. Here are just a bunch of self-care ideas.

14. What are the “little things” that are actually the height of luxury to you?

15. And +1 to ASMR videos.

16. Have a good cry and “use the expensive tissues.”

Words to live by.

17. It only needs to take 30 minutes.

18. Set some super chill, no pressure 2019 goals.

19. Know you’ve got a stressful day coming up? Take some time out for yourself.

20. If you tend to worry and think about things in endless circles, here are some techniques to deal.

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