25+ Small Entryway Decor Ideas

When it comes to design interior, you can miss out the entryway area. The area could attract your visitors if you design it beautifully, no matter how big or small the entryway area is. With the main part of entryway such as chair, cupboard, desk and mirror you can create your own beautiful entryway to attract your visitors. Here is some of small entryway ideas to give inspiration for your house.

List 9 ideas Entryway Decor

1. Rustic Entryway Décor

image source; homebnc.com

Place a mini bench with pillows on the entryway along with little basket for decoration. On the wall you can decorate it with frames of your photos, lettering art, small mirror that blend with the other wall decoration. Make your entryway aesthetically good.

2. Contemporary Mirror in Square Units

image source; gomodern.co.uk

Put simple mirror spared into square units above the small cupboard in the entryway and get elegant simple look to attract the visitor of your home. Add another decoration to fill the empty space on the cupboard.

3. Cozy and Simple Farmhouse Entryway

image source; pinterest.com

Farm house type is typical cozy house. You can bring the cozy vibes to your entryway by adding a small long chair with some pillows. Place rug under it and a basket beside. Also put a greenery to the corner space.

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4. Simple Chic Entryway

image source; pinterest.co.uk

Simply place a mini black bench with room to place basket under it in the corner of your entryway. You can add pillows too to make it looks cozy and a pot of flower beside the bench. On the wall you can place a hanger for your visitors to hang their hat or scarf.

5. Family Name Sign Décor

image source; wallsofwisdomhome.com

You can also decorate your small entryway with your family name sign placed on the wall to greet the visitors. Combine it with simple mini cupboard that matched with the color of the name sign under it and place a pot of greenery to complete the looks.

6. Office Wall Shabby Décor

image source; decoist.com

To create office is area vibes and place small long table and décor it with some table decoration that you want. For the wall, you can stick paper of your drawing or music sheets. Place a frame in the center of the wall decoration and voila! Your entryway is done to attract visitors.

7. Mounted Wreath and Plaid Pillows in Pastels

image source; bhg.com

Place a small chair and put plaid pillows on it for cozy looks. Hang a wood board with key hangers and add little rack above to place pumpkin and baskets for decoration. To make the wood board not looks plain, you can decorate it with leaves arrangement and hang it on the center.

8. Simple Elegant Entryway

image source; organized-home.com

To create simple but elegant looks for your entryway, you can place a high and long wood table beside your entryway. Decorate the table with a pot of flower, desk lamp and wood decoration. For the wall, you can hang a round frame mirror to captivate your visitors.

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9. Modern Tile Entryway

image source; homedit.com

To create a modern entryway, you can make use two different pattern of tiles. And in the both corner of the door, you can place plants in a pot or a basket. Beside it, place a high slim table to place decoration like desk lamp, or your favorite flower on a pot. To avoid the plain wall, place a round stylist mirror and you are done.

Other Image For Your Ideas

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